Witchy Wine Glasses

Happy Fall! Nothing says Fall like the impending flight of a witch…Some believe there are witches among us and others simply choose to be closed off to the idea. Witchever you choose ,please let the season put a little magic in your life..

I made these glasses as gifts… they were received with wimsy and delight ..I bought dollar store glasses, brought them home and wash them with soapy water. I allowed them to dry and once they were dried I wipe them with a paper towel and Windex.

Next I had acrylic paints for glass which you can get at any hobby store. So I set up a paper plate with the witchy colors I thought would go best, black ,purple ,mustard yellow ,green, midnight blue ,gold and orange. I got my brushes out and I set to drawing the skirts and putting on some polkadots and left that dry and then added the legs and boots.

I put the glasses once they were painted on a cookie sheet and set them in the center of my oven ,close the door and set the temperature to 300° .I left it bake for a half hour and then I turned the oven off, cracked the oven door and I left the glasses to cool down completely. This procedure bakes the paint on so they won’t come off when you hand wash them, do not put through dishwasher.

They’re fun ,they’re creative ,they’re inexpensive and they’re easy and they make really great gifts for any season.

Moon and Stars… Mystery and Night… protect this Witch on her flight…

Published by yvettebasil

I am a nature lover who loves to cook, bake, diy projects and make stuff with booze..

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