Just Take a Breath..

It’s chilly and gloomy here… I’m on my porch with a cup of tea just listening. There’s a drizzle with a bit of wind. Gloomy…. but the birds are singing,it sounds glorious. We can find comfort in the smallest of things. Today for me it’s these lovely birds.

Published by yvettebasil

I am a nature lover who loves to cook, bake, diy projects and make stuff with booze..

2 thoughts on “Just Take a Breath..

  1. At a time when we are all experiencing the war we are battling with the Coronavirus we all need to stop and see all the good things around us… like hearing the birds sing or enjoying this time with our family (usually we are all going separate ways with our daily life). Stop and play a game with your kids. Bake a cake and surprise them just celebrating being alive. Most of all pray together for the ones who are sick with this virus and other diseases .Count your blessings and thank God for everything he has blessed you with.

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