Why Me GOD?

This is a true story. I knew a girl many years ago,she was in her early 20’s,she had a 2 year old son and was divorced. She worked and lived with her parents. her name…April. I remember distinctly when it all started.

It was summer and she began having migraines and wasn’t as peppy as she always was. She went to her doctor and he said a slipped disc was the cause and gave her medication and sent her on her way. The medication didn’t help so she went back to the doctor and now had more problems. She was experiencing vision loss,in dark places(closets) and at night.Her gave her different medication and told her to rest. Within a few days she could no longer work,she was too sick. The doctor referred her to a neurologist and upon exam she also said slipped disc. New medication again and come back in a week. April didn’t make it past 3 days and she could no longer take care of her son or eat. The head pain was so bad she wanted to die. The next morning she woke up blind. Her parents rushed her to the ER and the neurologist met them there. Upon examination the doctor cried”,she is blind.” April had no idea of the severity of her illness as she was in and out of consciousness. The doctor now reports she has a bruised and bleeding brain stem and needs surgery immediately. Family members intervene and had her moved to a trauma hospital. She couldn’t be transferred without a nurse in the ambulance and a nurse volunteered to go.

Upon arrival April was taken to ICU. Doctors immediately figured out she had cranial pressure and started doing a spinal tap. Her pressure was very high and she was in danger of her eyes being pushed out of her skull. They did around the clock spinal taps,she laid flat for two days and still the pressure was extreme.The next step was an operation that would require a tube that would go from her spine to her belly.Commonly known as a lumbar shunt. Her family gathered at the hospital, everyone was praying for her…family,friends,churches. The day of the surgery the doctor talked to April and briefly described what was about to happen.

“Will I ever see again” she asked. The doctor replied “April I’m not concerned about your sight,I am concerned about you surviving the procedure.” He left the room. It hit her hard. her son,who would raise her son if she died.She began to cry,she couldn’t remember what his face looked like.She cried out WHY GOD! Why me??? My son,my son my boy…no this isn’t fair!That is point she was hysterical and the nurse was trying to calm her down.The nurse told her she was going to get the doctor and left the room.

She asked again,”why GOD?” and she felt a warmth over her toes. She can only describe it as light(even though she was blind this is how it made her feel) and warmth.It started at her toes and moved over her feet and then her legs.Where the “light” touched her anxiety was gone. The light proceeded over her chest and then her head.She felt a peace that she never felt before. She was calm and felt filled with the “light”.Then a voice spoke her,”Be still and know I am the Lord.”

The nurse and doctor came back into the room and April was fine. The doctor asked if she was ok and she said yes.She told him she was going to live through the surgery and that she would see again one day. He warned her that the odds were against her and she said “God was here and he will heal me .”

April did live through the surgery. April woke up still blind. The third day after surgery she could see faint light. The doctor told her that was common for people that are blind. The next day she woke up to seeing gray outlines of the nurses and again her doctor gave her the same reply as the day before. On the sixth day her doctor walked in and asked her how she was doing today.She replied good and I do like your green tie.The doctor fell silent.” You can see my green tie? ” she said yes. He began to sob.April reminded him that she knew she would see again.Every day was a new color…blue,then pink,red,purple,orange and yellow. She did have damage to her eyes but non the less she could see. And most importantly she could see her sons face. If you ask her if that was the presence of the Lord in that hospital room she will tell you absolutely. She has developed a personal relationship with GOD. If you were to ask her if she would go through all the pain and anguish again so she would have that relationship with GOD….she would say ..Yes. How do I know this? I am April. And that day in August 1988 changed me forever. I love God. He loves me. April Yvette

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I am a nature lover who loves to cook, bake, diy projects and make stuff with booze..

4 thoughts on “Why Me GOD?

  1. I’ve never heard you explain it that way. You had me in tears. I praise God that he took care of you, you’re such a blessing in my life.
    Love you

    Liked by 1 person

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